• Long Crack Set

This tool set is designed for repairing long cracks. Our stone chip injector uses a plunger to quickly vacuum air our of a break and then to pressure resin into the repair area.  Since long cracks are surfaced, you can't draw a vacuum so a plunger is of little use.  What is needed is a way of precisely adding more resin pressure as the injector is slid along the crack filling it.  This tool set when used properly will easily fill long cracks. 


This set includes:
1 Screw piston (crack) injector
1 Total access holding structure
1 Seal removal tool
5 Extra inner (red) seals
5 Extra outer (white) seals
2 Protective injector caps
1 Full 1/2 oz bottle of resin

Click to see a crack repair

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Long Crack Set

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