• Curing Lamp

Properly curing the repair resin is one of the most important and least practiced parts of the repair process.  Curing repair resin with available sunlight or under powered curing lamps will produce repairs that are weaker and more visible.   Our curing lamp properly cures the resin for the strongest and best looking repairs possible.   The large 2" X 6" curing area is great for longer crack repairs.


  • 365nm output (cures resin properly for best repairs)
  • 9 watt  dual tube (most lights are single  4 watt)
  • Bulbs updated with patented process for durability
  • Cures our resin in 60 seconds
  • Reflectorized backing (for optimum UV output)
  • No plastic covering bulb reducing UV transmission
  • Solidstate ballast preheats bulb (for longer bulb life)
  • 12 volt (powered by vehicle outlets)
  • No expensive batteries to buy or fail on you
  • 12 foot heavy duty cord (for total access)

Shown above with optional hangers

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Curing Lamp

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