This Windshield repair kit can do 2 stone chip repairs at a time

Want to be able to do more than one stone chip repair at a time?  Our Pro 200 windshield repair kit comes with two complete tool sets so you can do two repairs at the same time or repair one stone chip on two cars at the same time.  This kit includes the best windshield repair tools made, and will repair all types of stone chip damages, producing the best quality repairs, both structurally and cosmetically.

The Pro 200 is ideal for:

  • Full time windshield repair business
  • Addition to existing automotive businesses
  • In-house use by companies with a fleet of vehicles
Kit Includes:
2 Stone chip Injectors
2 Holding structures
1 Bottle of 20 cps Stone chip resin
1 Bottle of 40 cps Stone chip resin
1 Bottle of 90 cps Pit fill resin
1 Bottle of Pit polish/sealant
1 Bottle of Glass Scrub
2 Viewing mirrors
Dremel drill with charger
High-power Ultra-Violet curing lamp
tapper set
Curing tabs
Razor holder
Razor blades
Extra injector seals
Extra drill bits
Suction cup lubricant
Cleaning jar
Window cleaner
Carry case
Rubber slip resistant hood protector


Choose how you wish to be trained:

 Perhaps you already know how to do windshield repair or have made arrangements for training by a third party.     Save some money by buying your kit without training.  If you're a fast learner the video training course will have you up and running in no time.  Need more than a video but don't want to travel?  The live online training course fits the bill.   Desire detailed hands-on training? Both half and full day options at our San Diego Distributor are available.

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Complete Windshield Repair Kit Intermediate

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